February 23, 2013

Hey Jimmy - just go home to your peanut farm and withdraw from public life

The guy is totally clueless -- from The Blaze:
Jimmy Carter: U.S. at the ‘Forefront of Killing People With Guns’ Because the NRA ‘Pressures the Weak-Kneed’
Former President Jimmy Carter on Thursday chalked the nation’s gun murder rate up to the influence of the National Rifle Association and “weak-kneed public officials” who cave to its demands.
'Scuuuuuse Me Jimbo -- these so-called weak-kneed public officials are actually listening to their constituents and yielding to their demands. They should be praised for upholding the Constitution and the rules of this Republic of States.
Appearing on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Carter agreed that the gun lobby wields incredible influence and could derail new gun control legislation.
Oooo - Piers Morgan - wasn't he a showbiz columnist over in England and was booted out for some scandal? Don't forget that over 100,000 people signed a White House petition asking for him to be deported back but there is also a Petition to keep him from returning to the U.K. Yeah -- we are talking about real high-caliber reporting here...
“It happens not only at the federal level, but it also happens at every, at every state level and every municipal level,” Carter said. “The NRA is there pressuring weak-kneed — weak-kneed public officials to yield to their pressures, when they know what they’re doing is wrong.”
This is a matter of the Second Amendment -- Jimmy, you took your oath of office (only one time thank God) and swore to uphold the damn thing. The Bill of Rights are ten very powerful articles that guarantee the rights of the citizens of the United States. The framers didn't write nine Amendments of Freedom and then tuck a casual mention of hunting into the Bill. The people back then only had voice, handwriting and letterpress -- is the First Amendment limited to only those means of communication.
Carter went on to say that he’s a gun owner and has been hunting all his life, but “I never have had a need for an assault weapon, I’ve never had a need for armor-piercing bullets.”
The term "assault weapon" is totally fictionalized -- it's like Kwanzaa or the Easter Bunny. It does not exist, it has never existed. As for armor-piercing bullets, nobody else needs them. For one thing, they are too expensive. A decent round in .308, 9mm, .45ACP, 5.66 or even the 2.33 of the AR platform is a different matter. President Carter, I do appreciate some of the community level things that you have spent time on. Habitat for Humanity is an excellent program. However, as one of the commenters said:
Jimmy… you’re the guy that created Usama Bin Laden in Afghanistan… you’re the guy that gave away the Panama Canal… you’re the guy that cowered in the White House while our hostages sat in Iran, and their captors only laughed at you (and note that the hostages were released 20 minutes after President Reagan was sworn in). You call someone “weak kneed”?
And do not forget that that should read: "you’re the guy that gave away the Panama Canal -- to China" Again, just go home. Your only big accomplishment was to goad the low-information voters of the day to give President Ronald Reagan his landslide victory... Posted by DaveH at February 23, 2013 10:26 PM
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