February 9, 2013

Our EPA at work

From Bloomberg Businessweek:
Oil, Gas Production Among Top Greenhouse-Gas Sources
Natural gas and oil production is the second-biggest source of U.S. greenhouse gases, the government said, emboldening environmentalists who say tighter measures are needed to curb the emissions from hydraulic fracturing.

In its second-annual accounting of emissions that cause global warming from stationary sources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the first time included oil and natural- gas production. Emissions from drilling, including fracking, and leaks from transmission pipes totaled 225 million metric tons of carbon-dioxide equivalents during 2011, second only to power plants, which emitted about 10 times that amount.
Odd -- they talk about CO2 like it's a bad thing. And of course, the EPA continues its power grab:
The EPA has already proposed regulations to curb emissions from new power plants, setting a standard that would preclude the construction of new coal-fired facilities that don�t capture and sink underground the carbon coming from their smokestacks. Once those rules are finished in the coming weeks, the EPA must move to establish similar rules for existing power plants.
Emphasis mine -- talk about turning off the lights. Underground carbon sinks do not do anything except drive the cost of electricity sky high -- which is exactly what Obama intends. Posted by DaveH at February 9, 2013 3:16 PM
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