February 27, 2013

Wonderful article on David Suzuki

Tom Fletcher pulls no punches in this article about David Suzuki. Note: Don Cherry is a white-haired Canadian Hockey announcer noted for his over-the-top manner. From BC Local News:
The Don Cherry of TV science
He has a white beard and a bully pulpit on CBC television, but he doesn�t use it to promote hockey fighting.

Instead he sucker punches the oil and gas industry at every opportunity, with increasingly flagrant disregard for the rules of science. Public broadcasting referees keep their whistles in their pockets, wary of offending a legend.

He�s David Suzuki, and he has evolved from geneticist to TV celebrity to his current role as the Don Cherry of Canadian science, an angry curmudgeon lashing out at his enemies.

Earlier I wrote about Suzuki�s hit piece on the Alberta oil sands, featuring selective pollution studies and a celebrity turn by movie director James Cameron, who toured the alleged carbon crime scene in his personal jet helicopter.

Suzuki�s latest Scud missile of misinformation was launched Feb. 7 on The Nature of Things. It�s called Shattered Ground, and it borrows heavily from earlier shock docs that target hydraulic fracturing for shale oil and gas.

While clearly aimed at the surging shale gas industry in B.C., this hour-long program offers little about B.C.�s long history of gas development. Suzuki�s voice-over refers briefly to B.C.�s Oil and Gas Commission, insinuating it was set up as a pet regulator protecting the industry from stricter oversight.
Hey Suzuki -- that horse is dead. Stop flogging it... Posted by DaveH at February 27, 2013 9:20 PM