February 1, 2013

YES!!!!!!!!! Chu to step down

From FOX News:
Energy Secretary Steven Chu to step down
Energy Secretary Steven Chu will be leaving his post, the White House confirmed Friday, exiting the administration at the start of President Obama's second term after a rocky tenure.

In his resignation letter, Chu said he intend to stay on board "past the end of February" to help the department find his successor.

Chu's leadership has drawn sharp criticism from Republicans who questioned his controversial support for and handling of a $528 million federal loan to solar panel maker Solyndra before the company filed for bankruptcy.
And good riddance. Chu was a perfect example of someone who, because they are good at one thing, deem themselves to be good at everything. Chu won the Nobel in Physics but is a piss-poor manager and knows nothing about alt.energy. My only concern is who his replacement will be now that Obama is a lame duck... Posted by DaveH at February 1, 2013 11:08 AM