March 15, 2013

Susan Rice's Dissertation

Susan Rice is the US Ambassador to the United Nations and has a long long track record of stupidity culminating in her surreal display during the Benghazi scandal.

From Charles C. Johnson writing at The Blaze:

We Uncovered a Copy of Susan Rice’s College Dissertation — And It Could Reveal a Lot About Her Foreign Policy
In a 1990 dissertation while she was at Oxford, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice praised the 1979-1980 British peacekeeping operation that led to the rule of Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe, as “a model and a masterpiece in the evolution of international peacekeeping” missions while journalists on the ground were condemning Mugabe’s mass murder of political opponents and dictatorial control.

The previously unseen 426-page dissertation, “The Commonwealth Initiative in Zimbabwe, 1979-1980: Implications for International Peacekeeping,” sheds new insights into Rice’s foreign policy thinking, especially when it comes to Africa and Zimbabwe.

Writing on the heels of the controversial 1980 election that saw Robert Mugabe’s Marxist party come to power, Rice praised Mugabe’s role, even going so far as to compliment him for the considerable military restraint he had shown in an election contest he was all but certain to win.

Explains a lot…

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