April 24, 2004

Atkins Diet

From CNN comes this link to a story about a couple on the Atkins Diet and the problems they had at a local buffett: bq. Sui Amaama, who along with his wife have been on the Atkins Diet for two weeks, was asked to leave after he went up to the buffet at the Chuck-A-Rama in suburban Taylorsville for his 12th slice of roast beef. bq. "It's so embarrassing actually," said Isabelle Leota, Amaama's wife. "We went in to have dinner, we were under the impression Chuck-A-Rama was an all-you-can-eat establishment." And more: bq. The general manager who was carving the meat Tuesday became concerned about having enough for other patrons and asked Amaama to stop, Johanson said. bq. Offended, the couple asked for a refund. The manager refused and called police when they would not leave. I think that a well placed sign would have been more approp[riate. And what buffet has a shortage of Roast Beef when it dishes out 12 slices. Posted by DaveH at April 24, 2004 11:00 PM