April 24, 2004

Acid Man does Environmentalism

And Environmentalism doesn't come out so well. Rob over at Gut Rumbles ran into an oh-so-precious comment from an envirnmentalist that prompted an excellent rant. bq. How old are you, Dustin? I was born in 1952. I grew up in a coal mining camp with no indoor plumbling and I had to take shots for polio, dyptheria, cholera and every other kind of third-world disease you can name. I swam in a creek where outhouses hung over the water a few miles upstream. You just learned to dodge the floating turds. bq. When I moved to Savannah, my Uncle Gene took me on a boat ride up the Savannah River on the "Blue Moon," a boat my step-grandfather built with his own hands. I was eight years old at the time. bq. I never saw a more filthy river in my life, and these words are written by a boy from Harlan County, Kentucky. Raw sewage was spewing from gigantic pipes right into the river on the outgoing tide. The paper mills and the other chemical plants blotted out the sky with the belching from their smokestacks and they dumped all of their toxic waste right next to the raw sewage on the outgoing tide. I was certain that if I fell out of that boat, I could walk to shore on all the shit floating in the river. bq. Now, people run shad nets there and sell the fish and the roe. The river is clean. And more: bq. WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! is their mantra, and I've got some news for them. Yeah. We're all gonna die. Life is built that way. But going back to living in caves and freezing to death in the dark is NOT the way to save the fucking planet. You want to save the planet? GET RICH, asswipe. bq. The reason that the good old USA has cleaner water, better air and more trees than it did when I was a boy IS NOT because of the environmental movement. It's because we have the wealth, time and inclination to spend on such a pursuit. You want to save the earth? Create wealth. Period. bq. The environmental movement seeks to destroy wealth. By doing so, if they ever have their way, environmentalists will sink civilization, but they'll also go a long way toward killing the planet. Money makes Mother Nature happy. With money, we can brush Gaia's flowing locks, wash her body with perfumed soap and treat her like a queen. bq. Without money, we shit in her rivers and drink the same water. Just look at the Third World. He does have a way with words... Posted by DaveH at April 24, 2004 10:50 PM