April 24, 2004

Enough Ho talk

A link at Kim DuToit's blog points to a nice development in woman's rights and Rap 'Music'. The link is to an article in MyWay/AP: bq. Maybe it was the credit card that rap superstar Nelly swiped through a woman's backside in a recent video. Here at Spelman, the most famous black women's college in the country, a feud has erupted over images of women in rap videos, sparking a petition drive and phone campaigns. bq. Nelly planned to visit Spelman earlier this month for a charity event enlisting students for a bone marrow registry. But the rapper canceled the appearance after hearing that a protest was in the works because of his videos - especially "Tip Drill," the one with the credit card, which also shows men throwing money between women's legs and women simulating sex acts with each other. Good deal. There is some rap music that I like and its origins certainly have a cultural validity but when you take the time to actually listen to what they are saying, ths lyrics are horrid. For those poseurs who adopt the hip-hop culture, why? Whay would you want to style your life around the doings of inner-city street thugs? I have listened to it but just do not get it. Posted by DaveH at April 24, 2004 10:40 PM