April 5, 2004

Body Worlds - Plastination

This may creep some people out but I find it fascinating. No images but some links so read on... An anatomist -- Dr. Gunther von Hagens -- developed a method to "plastinate" human and animal tissue. To preserve its shape and color and to give it the strength to stand up on its own, not to be a passive faded floater in a formalin bottle. I consider his work to be art. I have a fascination about what goes on inside our bodies and his work in this is awesome. Anyway, he is canceling his tour through Europe and relocating the exhibit to some place in America -- to quote Dr. von Hagens: bq. “The cultural battle surrounding BODY WORLDS has resulted in an unbearable situation. As it has proven impossible to ban the exhibition itself, attempts are being made to criminalize me as the mind behind it. Even though these efforts will remain unsuccessful, they are constricting my creative abilities. The imminent location change will once again allow me to concentrate fully on improving both plastination and the exhibition.” Another quote is telling for the cultural atmosphere: bq. “In a society where the health and insurance provisions are left up to the individual, an exhibition which highlights peoples’ responsibility for their own bodies, ranks right on top. The BODY WORLDS exhibition will make a invaluable contribution to their society.” A a poll said that 96.5% of Americans asked wanted to see the exhibition... An 800*600 jpg of his work can be found here Note: this is not me... Not for a long long time. :-) Posted by DaveH at April 5, 2004 12:52 AM