April 5, 2004

J. F. Kerry's Houses - photos

This is fscking obscene. This blog: The Braden Files has photos of the five houses that Kerry owns plus the one house in Italy that he sold to George Cloony just before starting to run for Prez. And he refused to disclose info on other foreign properties. The comment that I like is this one: bq. Class warfare is not right, but neither is being a hypocrite. This man wants to be our president, while claiming that he relates to Joe Sixpack and the common man. He wants to raise income taxes on the rich, well, guess what? He won't pay those taxes because his wealth isn't derived from ordinary earned wages! But he wants to make it harder for you to get rich by raising taxes on your income! Oh yes - here is his most modest one (assessed value of only $3.7 Mil.) kerry-pa.jpg Posted by DaveH at April 5, 2004 12:35 AM