April 5, 2004

More on the Left

This one comes from bastardsword with a hat tip to dgci. A troll was calling Sir George a Nazi so Sir George decided to trace the growth of the Left from the Nazi era onward. Ugly brutish and short: bq. In case you’ve been asleep since WW-II, the modern anti-war movement is an outgrowth the Nazi Party, after undergoing a constant stream of communist revisions. The people in Berkeley who were protesting Lend-Lease and waving pro-Hitler banners were forced to decide between Hitler and Stalin when the Hitler-Stalin pact was broken. Since Hitler was the aggressor they decided to support Stalin. With America’s entry into WW-II they took conscientious objector status and sat out the war. After the war they founded the Pacifica Radio network, which they ran till the Trotskyites took it over. The Maoists ousted the Trotskyites from control of the network in the 1960’s, and have dominated it ever since, with the exception of constant purges and counter-takeovers. These are not right-wing accusations, this is what the various DJ’s and directors of Pacifica proudly proclaim in their retrospectives on the battles, posted on their own websites. And this is just the introduction. read one more excerpt: bq. These “enlightened” socialists only killed about 170 million people in the 20th century, NOT including war, so to think they stand for peace is beyond the absurd. Currently these same “enlightened” socialist NGO’s continue to oppose the selective use of DDT in the third world, which is resulting in about 3 million dead children a year, not that they care. Filling mass graves is all they know how to do. And I defy you to find anything untrue about any of these statements. Fact check first, don't blather please... Posted by DaveH at April 5, 2004 12:09 AM