April 4, 2004

Fallujah and the Left

Very interesting commentary on Sir Banagor's site regarding the Left's reaction to the hideous act of terrorism and descent into 8th century brutality last week in Fallujah. bq. The Fallujah savagery was exactly what the Left wanted to happen. It was fairly obvious from the start that more pictures of the nature of Blackhawk Down would galvanize the Left into trying to get this country to do an about face and pull out of Iraq post haste. And more: bq. First of all, it is obvious that the Left doesn't give a damn about freedom and democracy. I say this with entire sincerity because these attitudes absolutely prove it. And more: bq. The fact is that we were blamed many times by the left for leaving Afghanistan too soon after the Soviets left it, only to watch it descend into anarchy and chaos - something which I entirely agree with. bq. The fact is that we are fighting the exact same tribal structure which created that descent into anarchy in Afghanistan in the 1990's, which the Left was screaming about (including me). bq. Only this time, the Left wants us to leave too soon. Why? Because it is politically expedient for them. These are just a couple of the points - well thought out! (and added to the blogroll) Posted by DaveH at April 4, 2004 11:28 PM