April 21, 2004

High Speed Photography

Thanks to SemiSkinned I now have this link to the website of Dr. Andrew Davidhazy, a professor of Imaging and Photographic Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology. This guy is good! Doc Edgerton good! I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Dr. Edgerton (the guy who invented the photo strobe light) when I was working at the New England Aquarium back in the mid-70's. There are lots of people who try to take high-speed photographs but they do not have the equipment needed to do the ultra-short flashes of light needed to completely freeze the subject. There are people who do good work with water droplets but their bullets are always a blur. Dr. Davidhazy's bullets are tack--sharp. banana.jpg Banana Exploding -- and -- rubber-bands.gif Line of Rubber Bands being broken. He also has done some interesting work with strip cameras and developing arcane (and visually attractive) techniques with Polaroid films. Check the site out -- some really nice stuff! Posted by DaveH at April 21, 2004 8:56 PM