April 21, 2004

Manchester United Soccer game suicide bombing averted

And they say that appeasement works... From the UK Sun comes this story of a foiled plot by Islamofascists to plant at least ten suicide bombers in the stands at a major (67,000 ticket holders) soccer game. bq. Intelligence chiefs believe al-Qaeda fanatics planned to blow themselves up amid 67,000 unsuspecting supporters. A source said: "The target was Old Trafford." bq. The Islamic fanatics planned to sit all around the ground to cause maximum carnage. bq. They had already bought the tickets for various positions in the stadium, cops revealed last night. bq. But armed cops foiled the horrific plot - which could have killed thousands watching Manchester United's home game against Liverpool on Saturday - in a series of dawn raids yesterday. bq. Ten people were arrested after a massive surveillance operation involving British anti-terror units and American authorities. People complain about the potential loss of freedoms with the various revisions to the Patriot Act and with Homeland Security but we have had several superbowl games with nary a peep. Our borders have been very porous but Europe's have been that much more and they are in for a real awakening at some time -- making Madrid look like a playground scuffle. These people are at war with the WEST - not America but all of western culture. America is just the big flashy star at the top of the Christmas Tree. Posted by DaveH at April 21, 2004 9:55 PM