August 27, 2004

50 rules for bloggers

A good list of 50 things to keep in mind when starting a Blog at Simon World: bq. 1. If you want to start blogging and have huge amounts of traffic instantly I can recommend one of three things: be an established journalist/opinion maker; be Glenn Reynold's brother; or porn. Otherwise face facts: you've got an awfully big hill to climb. bq. 2. Never get your brother to guest blog for you. Trust me. bq. 3. Before you start, read other blogs and get a feel for what they are like. Then completely forget everything you've read and seen so you can establish a new and distinct voice that will get noticed. This also helps a common problem: a really sucky first post. Trust me. Simon finishes the list with: bq. 48. If you're looking for material, a nice long list doesn't hurt. Especially if you include lots of gratuitous links to others. Many people do "101 things about me" lists and provide a link to them. The toughest part about this is most people don't have even 11 interesting things to say about themselves, let alone 101. bq. 49. So sometimes list need padding to make it to a nice round number. bq. 50. Ignore all the conflicting advice you get, including this. Heh... Posted by DaveH at August 27, 2004 10:39 PM