August 27, 2004

Ben Stein on the far left

Bill at INDC Journal links to a wonderful article from Ben Stein. (I wrote about Ben recently here) Bill's comments: bq. As a professional moonbatologist, I concur with his analysis of far leftists: bq. For illustrative examples, read through Atrios's comment sections and the Democratic Underground message boards. When I attend ANSWER protest rallies, for example, they may say "HallibechtelBushNaziShrubChimperorOILOILOIL!!!!!" but all I ever hear is "Daddy, please love me! Please?" bq. I disagree with Stein on a few major social issues (he would call me a "RINO," "Republican In Name Only"), but he is a very interesting and laudable character, specifically with regard to his economic punditry. Ben's comments: bq. Despite Hollywood's historic liberalism, Stein says the times, they are a changing. "When I came to Hollywood, there were still a lot of diehard Marxists that had gone to City College or Brooklyn College, and grown up in this sort of first-generation Jewish Brooklyn Communist [milieu], and then moved out to Hollywood, and were still avid Communists. I mean real, card-carrying Communists. That's all gone now. Those people are either dead or retired. What you have now, in place of the kind of ethnic and class-based Marxists, are what I call personality-disorder Marxists. bq. "A significant cause of people being anti-American, in Hollywood and in universities, is that they have an infantile personality disorder. They are fixated, and in denial, on entitlement, dissatisfaction, weakness, fear, and envy. And their weakness, fear, and envy compels them to be extremely uncomfortable with people who actually go out in the world and succeed. And also compels them to be extremely fearful -- because fear is part of [being] infantile -- of what I would call mainstream America. They're terrified of America between Beverly Hills and West End Avenue. They think out there are a bunch of racists and Klansmen that are going to kill them." Good stuff - this is only a brief excerpt. Posted by DaveH at August 27, 2004 10:35 PM