October 14, 2004

Odd creature in Texas

Radio Station WOAI has this story on their website: bq. Another Texas Chupacabra? LUFKIN, Texas -- Local animal experts are having a hard time identifying a strange looking animal killed in Angelina County on Friday -- an animal that looks eerily similar to the as yet unidentified "Elmendorf Beast" killed near San Antonio earlier this year. bq. "What is that?" are the first words out of anyone's mouth when shown photos of the animal, according to Stacy Womack. bq. Womack is a veterinarian who has worked at a local Zoo for over 20 years. The creatures description? bq. The animal's blue-grey skin is almost hairless and appears to be covered with mange. A closer look at the animal's jaw line reveals a serious overbite and four huge canine teeth, and a long, rat-like tail curls behind the animal's emaciated frame. The article goes into some history of other strange creatures in that area and also has a number of pictures. Here are three: chup1.jpgchup6.jpgchup9.jpg Posted by DaveH at October 14, 2004 6:58 PM