November 10, 2005

A rant of epic proportions

Sir Banagor at Shining Full Plate and a Good Broadsword has produced a wonderful rant. What makes it so powerful is that it is spot on accurate in describing a large percentage of the current population.
Really Fucking Stupid People
I haven’t said anything much at all about the riots in Paris and the rest of France. However, after a certain amount of contemplation, I do have something to say:

It appears that my biggest problems in life stem from the fact that my parents saw fit to give me an education, and that I have a brain. If I was dumb and uneducated I might just have called enough attention to myself to make something of a tidy fortune, or perhaps even land my face in the news. An inordinate amount of do-gooders would actually care about me and my feelings, and they apparently would do anything possible at the risk of their own lives to see fit that I would be given what I want - gratis.

That’s what it really comes down to, isn’t it? We currently see it most prominently at play in France, but the stage is always set in another part of the world where this truth comes to the fore. Hurricane Katrina, for instance, or the LA Riots. Iraq is another example, and the “Palestinian Territories”.

Confused? Then perhaps you too are an idiot, or maybe a do-gooder by nature, because you haven’t quite worked it out yet.

Do a quick backtrack in your mind of all the protest marches you’ve lately seen, or perhaps heard about in the news. Whom are all these “beautiful people” marching for?

Really Fucking Stupid People.

Let’s take stock of the situation, shall we? Leftists care about stupid people. They care about the downtrodden, the weak, the oppressed - that’s all true. But there are lots of downtrodden, weak, and oppressed people you never see them marching for. For instance, how many thousands of people have you seen gathered in Washington DC to call for the end of the genocide in the Sudan? How many riots do you remember erupting anytime there is a busload of Israelis blown up on purpose? How many angry marches have you seen in response even to the suffering of the Kurds under Saddam’s regime?

Obviously the answer is zero; zilch; zip; nada; none. Why?

Because as much as Leftists - no, let’s call them for what they are: Marxists - care about the downtrodden, weak, and oppressed, what they really care about the most is Really Fucking Stupid People. It even makes a great Marxist acronym, don’t you think? RFSP. It even has something…French…about it. You can just imagine it: La RFSP. It’s just that good.

Anyone who has no brains and a penchant for brutality needs to be negotiated with, and understood. It’s never their fault because they’re akin to some holy object from the divine purity of the division of the classes. They’re like the endangered Dodo which we must cater to before it’s too late and they disappear forever off of the face of the earth. It sort of fits with their ideology of protecting anything in the wild, so therein lies another piece of the puzzle.

Take the LA Riots from so many years ago: Really Fucking Stupid People went nuts rampaging through their own neighborhoods, smashing up their own stores and cars, and burning, looting, and killing anything which stood in their way.

Take the Katrina disaster: Really Fucking Stupid People went nuts rampaging through their own city, smashing up their own stores and cars, and burning, looting, and killing nearly anything which stood in their way. Of course, they really took the cake because they were bringing us stories of piles of bodies lying in the streets from murder and mayhem which, upon reflection and investigation, never actually occurred.

Take the Palestinian Intifada: Really Fucking Stupid People went nuts rampaging through their own cities, smashing up stores and cars, shooting Israelis and blowing them up via infiltration, the image of the pride and the glory of the Marxist “indigenous” revolution; masked and hooded, molotov cocktail in one hand and liberation flag in the other. Oppressed, weak, downtrodden, and really fucking stupid.

Take the Terrorists in Iraq: blowing up their own people, beheading visitors and even other Iraqis who are trying to fix the situation - people who even express sympathy for their own idiotic ideals; blowing up cars and busses, schoolyards full of children, blowing up the pipelines which send out that oil which goes directly to the bank accounts of their own country and not that of some despotic ruthless ruler. The glorious revolutionaries and minutemen of Michael Moore whose apparent sole purpose is to create not a new state out of rubble, but more rubble out of a new state. Really Fucking Stupid People.
This is only the first part -- visit Shining Plate and read the rest. Some of his later posts relate to this --just start scrolling... Posted by DaveH at November 10, 2005 1:41 PM

Thanks for the praise and the link. It's very appreciated.

Posted by: Banagor at November 10, 2005 2:14 PM
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