November 9, 2005

Happy birthday to you!

It is the WWW's fifteenth birthday this month. Jeremy Reimer at Ars Technica passes out the cake:
On the 15th birthday of the World Wide Web, a look back
In November of 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, a researcher at Europe's CERN Particle Physics Laboratory, invented the very first web server and web browser. The server, entitled simply httpd, and the browser, called WorldWideWeb, ran on Tim's NeXT cube and worked exclusively on the NeXTstep operating system. Archive copies of Tim's first web page and some early web sites show a web that is simultaneously very different from the modern one and yet still very familiar.

In an article published to coincide with the Web's 15th anniversary, James Boyle, law professor and co-founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain, points out that the web developed in a unique fashion, due to conditions unlikely to be repeated today. The idea of hypertext was not invented by Berners-Lee. Vannevar Bush proposed a hypertext-like linking system as early as 1945. A working model was built by the team led by Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the mouse, in 1968. Computer activist Ted Nelson proposed a much more advanced form of the World Wide Web, called Xanadu, in his seminal work Computer Lib. Even Apple created a non-networked version of hypertext called Hypercard in 1987.

The main difference with Berners-Lee's creation was that it was based on open standards, such as the TCP/IP networking protocol, and that anyone could create content for the World Wide Web with tools no more complex than a text editor. While most people remember the Web taking off with the initial release of a browser from the commercial company Netscape, the original WWW grew mainly out of academia, where source code was traded freely in the interest of promoting learning. The "View Source" feature, available in all browsers today, grew out of this environment.
I remember sitting in my favorite coffeehouse in Seattle reading when a friend came in, sat at my table, handed me a short printout and said: "This is really cool!" It was the specs for HTTP Posted by DaveH at November 9, 2005 8:27 PM

Jeremy Reimer is a deluded goof who is pissed he wasted his life and now "he wants to be a paperback writer" lol

Posted by: Elton Reimer at November 28, 2007 6:17 AM

Anyone reading this ought to be made aware of some facts about Jeremy Reimer:

Jeremy Reimer doesn’t even have a single degree that is about the field of computer sciences or even a certification in comp. sci. fields (like MCSE), as well as completely lacking professional/in-the-trenches experience in it and he is cited here as somekind of expert in the field of comp. sci.?

Research who it is you are citing for your own sake. Making a 'sidewalk-surgeon/quack' out to be an expert in a particular field is just bad business.

I.E.-> Jeremy Reimer is just another wannabe poseur with no skills period in computer science, who merely scours wikipedia and other sources and spits back already known information. This is intelligence? This is being an expert?? I know not: I could do the same myself and so could you other readers.

In other words, nothing fundamental or original exists in the lot of his 'articles' (high-school level termpapers @ best) & they are written by a charlatan named Jeremy Reimer posing as a computer expert.

(If this is hard to believe, ask Jeremy Reimer yourself if he has a degree or certification in the field of comp. sci., but more importantly if he has years of actual professional work experience in computer networking, programming, etc. & see he is nothing more than a wannabe trying to pull the wool over your eyes and come off as some sort of authority in this field when he is anything but that, and some dunce attempting to create the perception of being a noted authority in the field of computers).

Posted by: JowieNeckBone at February 18, 2006 9:52 AM

Jeremy Reimer doesn't even have a degree related to this field, or even a certification, much less hands on experience in it (years of it professionally) and you're going to cite him as somekind of expert? Oh, please. The idiot Reimer is just another wannabe with no skills period who scours wikipedia and other sources and spits back already known information.

Posted by: JowieNeckBone at January 10, 2006 10:21 AM
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