July 3, 2007

Career Limiting Move - Hindu and Buddhist department

From the BBC:
'Goddess' sacked for visiting US
A 10-year-old girl who is worshipped as a living goddess in Nepal has been stripped of her title for defying tradition and visiting the US.

Sajani Shakya was one of the three most-revered Kumaris, who are honoured by Hindus and Buddhists alike.

Chosen after undergoing tests at the age of two, she had been expected to bless devotees and attend festivals until she reached puberty.

But she provoked the ire of temple elders by travelling to the US.
That is a bit harsh -- the 'temple elders' said:
Elders said the visit had tainted her purity, adding that they would now begin the search for a successor.
Now what makes me think that we are dealing with a bunch of old men here... The kid is a 'Goddess' but on a very short leash. Posted by DaveH at July 3, 2007 10:27 PM
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