December 25, 2008

A fixer-upper - just needs a little work

Might be a fun project if you had a couple spare million bucks lying around. From Pennsylvania's Philly.COM:
Sunken Soviet sub needs buyer _ or it's scrapped
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - A former Soviet cruise missile submarine that was once featured in a Hollywood film and sank in the Providence River during a storm last year will be converted to scrap metal if no one agrees to buy it, the president of the foundation that owns it said Wednesday.

The 282-foot submarine, also known as Juliett 484, began serving as a floating educational museum in 2002, until it went down during a powerful nor'easter in April 2007.

Army and Navy dive crews raised the sub in a training exercise last July, and inspections showed the vessel had deteriorated and corroded during its 15 months underwater.

Restoring it to an operational museum would have cost more than $1 million, said Frank Lennon, director of the Russian Sub Museum and president of the USS Saratoga Museum Foundation, a private, nonprofit group.

"Based on the input we received from experts, the cost of restoring it was beyond our capabilities," Lennon said.
Somehow I don't think that Jen would let me park it behind the barn. Got too many other projects going... I had the pleasure of touring another Russian sub that is on the Seattle waterfront as a tourist attraction. What made this enjoyable was that I went with two other people from the Ocean Engineering company that I was working for at the time and one of these people was a retired Navy Nuke Submarine Captain. We got a lot of wonderful running commentary from Gerry. One of the guides in the sub asked Gerry if he had ever seen one of these submarines before and he just smiled and said: "No, but I've listened to a lot of them." Posted by DaveH at December 25, 2008 11:22 PM
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