October 22, 2010

Germany grows a pair, England grows a pair

And now France grows a pair. First, Angela Merkel said that Multi-Culturalism had failed. Second, England is slashing 500,000 government positions. Now, from Yahoo/Associated Press:
French Senate passes pension overhaul
Under pressure from the government, the French Senate voted Friday to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, a victory for President Nicolas Sarkozy after days of street rage, acrimonious debate and strikes that dried up the supply of gasoline across the country.

The vote all but sealed passage of the highly unpopular measure, but it was unlikely to end the increasingly radicalized protests. The coming days promised more work stoppages and demonstrations by those who feel changing the retirement age threatens a French birthright.

Sarkozy made overhauling the money-losing pension system a centerpiece of his project to modernize France. Undaunted by weeks of strikes, he ordered measures to unblock fuel depots and refineries to get gas flowing again to desperate motorists.

"History (will remember) who spoke the truth," Sarkozy declared during a visit Friday to a factory in central France. "What do you expect of a president? That he tells the truth and does what must be done."
Now this is how you lead:
History will remember who spoke the truth. What do you expect of a president? That he tells the truth and does what must be done.
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