December 8, 2010

Strange event today

I had mentioned that one of our Llamas passed away a week ago. This was during an intense cold snap and the ground was too frozen for burial. It warmed up enough today so I borrowed a neighbors backhoe and dug the trench. We have three remaining Llamas and they are usually pretty curious -- they were hanging around as I was operating the backhoe. What was really strange is that when I uncovered Willie's body (I had him covered with a tarp and boards holding the tarp down) and carried him in the excavator bucket, our other three Llamas recognized that this was their buddy and that something was very very wrong. They greet people and other critters by putting their nose very close to yours and smelling your breath. As I was driving Willie to his grave, Pancho, Lefty and Waylon took turns going nose to nose with Willie's corpse. We had quite the touching and tragic funeral cort�ge. I dropped him into the pit and arranged his body -- he is looking east -- and then started shoveling the soil on top of him. The other Llamas then dispersed and I saw them at the other end of the property when I drove back to work. You always wonder what is going on in animals minds. Today was quite the insight into Llamas'... Posted by DaveH at December 8, 2010 5:07 PM
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