December 7, 2010

Too little, too late

Ahhnold finally cries uncle. From Los Angeles station KNX:
Schwarzenegger Proposes $9.9B In Cuts
Schwarzenegger on Monday unveiled a plan that relies largely on cuts to health care and social services for the poor.

About $7.4 billion of his proposal would come from cuts, include reducing cash assistance to needy families by 15.7 percent in April, then eliminating the entire welfare-to-work program in July.

He is proposing to eliminate vision coverage and increasing monthly premiums for Healthy Families, a program that provides health coverage for children of low-income families.

The governor also is asking the state to limit prescriptions and cap physician visits to 10 a year for Medi-Cal recipients.
You see this kind of crap all the time. There is a budget crisis and programs must be cut. What to they cut? Publicly visible and popular programs. The welfare-to-work program is designed to get people off the public dole and trained for employment. Getting rid of that will have the consequence of prolonging welfare payments. No mention of cutting public-sector union salaries or pension plans. Can't do that. It is telling that 30% of government workers are unionized while 7% of private sector workers are represented. The private sector (capitalist) sees unions for what they are and refuses them. Posted by DaveH at December 7, 2010 9:31 PM
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