August 14, 2012

One year ago today

Readers will know that I have been through a recent divorce. Jen (my ex) filed for divorce in July 2011. We had been married for eight years -- the first couple of years were really good. Had some fun times. Our personalities were not that good of a match and after the 'honeymoon' it got to where we were awkward roommates more than man and wife. I moved some computer stuff into the DaveCave(tm) and would spend my evenings out there waiting for her to go to bed. I had some chances for affairs -- a couple local ones, a few in Bellingham and on the road but, even though I considered the marriage to be broken, I held true to the vows I gave Jen. Jen filed the legal paperwork for divorce in August and I knew that a process server would be coming out to my farm on Monday, August 15th to deliver the first set of paperwork. I ran into town Sunday, August 14th to shop at Costco for some groceries. I consider myself to have a very stable mind. Not prone to hearing voices in my head or behaving compulsively. I was sitting in my truck waiting to make the cross-traffic left turn into the Costco parking lot -- lots of oncoming traffic. I felt an urge to head North up to the next traffic light and take the turn there. That road leads past a Micheal's art store. I felt an urge to stop in there. Not that I needed anything, just to stop in there. There is a type of spiral-bound 3X5 file card that I like and I keep them around me for note taking but I don't usually walk around with one. I had this urge to carry one (with a pen) into Micheal's. So I am walking into the store and there is this drop-dead gorgeous woman walking down the aisle. We look at each other but nothing else happens. I am thinking: "Damn, that is a good looking woman!" I pick out a couple of glass tea-light candle holders (I like making sconces for lamps) and am at the checkout line when the same woman comes in behind me. Something in me prompts me to ask how her day is going and we start chatting about art and life. I check out and am walking out the door and have another urge to write down my phone number on one of the 3X5 cards I have in my pocket. I do that and turn around to find that Lulu is writing down her phone number to give to me. This happened one year ago today. Lulu is outside watering the garden and we will head into town later to have dinner at the first restaurant we ate at. I cannot imagine a more perfect match -- we are both children of the 60's so have a lot of cultural cognates, both devout but not Church-going Christians. Both politically engaged and conservative. Both serious foodies. It is a delight being with her. We both like a lot of personal space -- she is a morning person where I am a night-owl so our schedules overlap very well. With all the shit that has been going on in my life recently, Lulu is my joy. Lulu -- I love you with all of my heart -- here's to the next 30 years! Posted by DaveH at August 14, 2012 9:41 AM
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