May 10, 2009

England sinks lower and lower

and lower... From Cranmer:
Queen�s Trinity Cross honour deemed unlawful because it offends non-Christians
Cranmer is weary � although he be but ashes � and bears his burden of suffering Job-like. He is in black dog mode, depressed at the preponderance of corruption in high places, and sick at heart with the systematic eradication of the Christian culture of the United Kingdom.

It is one thing for a television soap opera to insist that crosses be removed from churches; or for street preachers to be arrested for �incitement�; or for ordinary Christians to lose their jobs for daring to articulate their traditional beliefs. But to hear that Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council � one of the most ancient and principal councils of the Sovereign � has decreed one of Her Majesty�s honours to be illegal because of its Christian association beggars belief. It is as of the Council itself is seeking to undermine the Sovereign, for she swore at her Coronation to uphold the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law, and swore to govern her people according to their laws and customs.

And those laws and customs are Christian.

So when an honour for service and gallantry which was instituted and established by Her Majesty is criticised by Muslims and Hindus on the grounds that �its Christian name and cross insignia are offensive�, it becomes evident that an unacceptable threshold has been crossed.
And I bet that Rowan Williams (here, here and here) thinks this is a fantastic idea. Multiculturalist twits all of them. In reflection, they are worse then twits -- these people are consciously doing harm all the while thinking that they are in the right and that they are making the world a better place. There is a special place in hell for these sociopaths... Posted by DaveH at May 10, 2009 10:58 AM
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